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About Us

About Us

About Us

The "hippie chic" style of Little Miss Ella sums up the highly creative and considerate approach of the brand’s founder, Sarah Gray.

Based in Paris, Sarah feels a strong belief in ethical trade, using vintage fabrics and producing in France. But her creations are also highly individual and even biographical. "Everything is thought through in my work, to retain a personal touch," says Sarah. "For example, the labels that adorn Little Miss Ella’ s collections originate from England, a fine quality woven labels manufacturer whom I used for my labels on my school uniforms."

Ideas sparked off whilst enjoying a summer break in St Tropez: the Club 55 boutique owner was interested in my little drawstring bag I was wearing on the beach. Absorbed by my passion for fabrics, she invited me to create a line for the boutique the following Summer! The drawstring bags - named "Kitty Bags" - were all the rage in summer 2011, selling at the exclusive Club 55 boutique.

In 2012, Sarah Gray, a London photographic director for fashion and lifestyle magazines, then decided to launch her own fashion label, Little Miss Ella – its name inspired by her daughter who is also a contributor to the creation of the brand. It also cleverly sums up the quasi-maternal attention that Sarah lavishes on the business, allowing it to grow and develop in a responsible way. "Everything is connected:" says Sarah "my journey from collecting vintage fabrics from early years, working in the photojournalistic world to fashion magazines such as Vogue to creating the brand."

Today, the kitty bags are part of the basket collection which is expanding to this day. Managing to be chic and retro at the same time, Little Miss Ella’s accessories also hold true to Sarah’s passion for quality, both in the materials used and in the finished products. When Sarah showed her designs at the prestigious Top Drawer show in London in 2013, she won the prize for Best Exhibitor, rewarded for the style and originality of the brand.